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RubyDex Daily News: BlackRock's Bold Move - $100K Seed Funding for BTC ETF Signals Growing Institutional Confidence
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your primary destination for essential and streamlined trading updates. In this edition, we explore a pivotal development in the cryptocurrency domain, highlighting BlackRock's recent strategic venture into Bitcoin ETFs.
RubyDex Daily News: El Salvador's Bitcoin Strategy Pays Off - Nation's Crypto Holdings Surpass $130 Million in Value
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your trusted source for the latest and most impactful financial updates. In today's highlight, we explore a significant milestone in the world of cryptocurrency as El Salvador's Bitcoin investment strategy finally sees the l
RubyDex Daily News: Bitcoin's Bullish Surge - Price Exceeds $40,000, Marking a New Era in Cryptocurrency Resilience
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, the foremost source for comprehensive and insightful trading updates. In today's edition, we focus on an exciting development in the cryptocurrency world: Bitcoin's remarkable surge past the $40,000 mark. This achievement si
RubyDex Daily News: Circle Clarifies Position Amidst Allegations - Stands Firm Against Illicit Finance and Ends Ties with Justin Sun and TRON
USD Coin (USDC) issuer Circle has come forward with a strong refutation of allegations regarding illicit financing activities and ties to Tron founder Justin Sun. In a meticulously crafted open letter addressed to U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sherro
RubyDex Daily News: The Mysterious Silence of the SEC Chair on Bitcoin ETF – What Could It Mean for Crypto?
Welcome back to RubyDex Daily News, where we dive into the enigmatic world of cryptocurrency markets with a hint of speculation and a dash of insight. Today, we’re exploring a brewing mystery in the financial world that could have significant implications
RubyDex Daily News: Su Zhu's Ethereum Wallet Springs to Life
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News – your front-row seat to the thrilling world of cryptocurrency drama and developments. In today’s edition, we dive into a curious twist involving Su Zhu, the embattled co-founder of the infamous Three Arrows Capital (3AC).
RubyDex Daily News: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legal Showdown - The Binance NFT Saga Unfolds
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, where today's spotlight shines on a football legend's foray into the crypto universe, sparking a legal thriller that's capturing global attention. Get ready to dive into the riveting tale of Cristiano Ronaldo, his partnershi
RubyDex Explores New Frontiers with ZetaChain Testnet Integration
We are excited to share with you another milestone in our journey of continuous innovation and growth. Today, we mark a significant moment as RubyDex integrates with the ZetaChain testnet, a pioneering step in enhancing our platform's interoperability and
RubyDex Daily News: Charlie Munger - Remembering a Titan of Investing
The finance world mourns the loss of Charles Munger, who passed away at 99. Munger, known for his partnership with Warren Buffett and his role as the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, was a titan in the world of investing. His death marks the end of an
RubyDex Daily News: Animoca Brands and TON Blockchain - A Strategic Alliance in Gaming and GameFi
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your trusted source for insightful and up-to-date trading news. In this edition, we explore a significant development in the blockchain and gaming world: Animoca Brands' recent move to become the largest validator of The Ope
RubyDex Daily News: Ethereum ETFs - A New Institutional Favorite in the Crypto Market
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your primary source for in-depth insights into the cryptocurrency market's evolving landscape. In today's coverage, we spotlight the burgeoning institutional interest in Ethereum (ETH) and its Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), a
RubyDex Daily News: BAYC Owners Beware - The Elaborate Forbes Impersonation Scam
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your trusted source for the most relevant and impactful news in the cryptocurrency and NFT space. In today's highlight, we uncover a new, sophisticated scam plaguing the NFT community, particularly targeting owners of the hi
RubyDex Daily News: Solana's Stellar Surge in 2023
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your premier destination for comprehensive and insightful trading updates. Today, we turn our spotlight to the cryptocurrency market, specifically focusing on Solana's (SOL) meteoric rise in 2023, which has captivated both i
RubyDex Daily News: SEC's Green Light for Crypto: Bitcoin ETFs Nearing Reality
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your premier destination for cutting-edge trading updates. In a remarkable turn of events, the crypto world stands on the brink of a monumental shift, thanks to SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce's groundbreaking stance on Bitco
RubyDex Daily News: The Unconventional Currency of Sam Bankman-Fried in Prison
Welcome to RubyDex Daily News, your premier destination for the most intriguing and impactful stories in the financial and crypto world. Today, we dive into a peculiar turn of events involving Sam Bankman-Fried, the former FTX CEO, and his adaptation to p
RubyDex Daily News: Major Exploit Rocks KyberSwap, $47 Million Lost
In a disturbing turn of events for the DeFi community, KyberSwap, a prominent decentralized exchange, fell victim to a cyber heist resulting in a staggering $47 million loss. This incident marks yet another blow to the crypto sector, already grappling wit
Binance's Legal Turmoil and CZ's Departure - A Turning Point in Crypto Regulation
In an unprecedented development in the cryptocurrency sphere, Changpeng Zhao, famously known as CZ, has resigned from his role as CEO of Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. This decision follows a substantial $4.3 billion legal settlement with U
Embark on Your Mantle Journey with RubyDex – Earn Double the Rewards!
We are excited to announce RubyDex’s participation in the thrilling Mantle Journey. Seize the moment to claim your unique Mantle identity as we ride along Season Alpha – the innovative, performance-based program that rewards users for their engagement on
Introducing Easy Asset Transfers/Bridging on RubyDex with Owlto Finance!
We've got some exciting news to share: RubyDex has partnered with Owlto Finance to make moving your assets across chains simpler and more cost-effective. With RubyDex's vast asset offerings on multiple chains, we know that flexibility is key for your tra
RubyDex Embarks on Manta Pacific
We're overjoyed to usher in a new era for our platform. As part of our continuous commitment to adapt, innovate, and grow, we're thrilled to announce that RubyDex has now ventured onto its 10th chain, Manta Pacific.
Introducing JPY/USDT Perpetual Contracts on RubyDex!
In our unwavering pursuit to provide diverse trading avenues, we are elated to announce the addition of JPYUSDT perpetual contracts to our ever-evolving platform. By consistently integrating traditional assets like forex, we aim to stand apart in the dece
RubyDex Joins Linea: Unveiling the Next Chapter in Decentralized Trading
We're always on the lookout for innovative platforms that align with our mission and today, we’re excited to share our next big move. As the decentralized space continues its rapid evolution, we are proud to announce that RubyDex is extending its presence
Introducing RubyBot: Our AI-Powered Customer Service Assistant
At RubyDex, our commitment to enhancing your trading experience never stops. Today, we're excited to unveil the latest addition to our platform: RubyBot, our advanced AI Customer Service Assistant!
RubyDex Launches on Avalanche (AVAX): Bridging Speed, Scalability, and Accessibility
We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our decentralized trading experience: RubyDex is now live on Avalanche (AVAX)! Our commitment to delivering a high-caliber trading platform across diverse networks has led us to this important step.
RubyDex Launches on Mantle: Embracing a Rising Star in the Blockchain Universe
RubyDex has proudly set its mark on Mantle!
RubyDex Broadens its Horizons with Multi-Wallet Support!
As we relentlessly strive to break down barriers and streamline your DeFi journey, we're elated to announce a significant upgrade: RubyDex now supports multi-wallet functionality!
RubyDex Launches on Polygon (MATIC): Advancing Scalability and Interoperability
RubyDex is now live on Polygon (MATIC)! Our perpetual mission to extend our horizons and provide our users with an exceptional trading experience across diverse networks has brought us to this significant milestone.
RubyDex Expands to Optimism: Opening New Horizons in Decentralized Trading
RubyDex is thrilled to announce its latest deployment on the Optimism network, enhancing our mission to provide exceptional decentralized trading across major blockchain networks. Join us on Optimism and explore the unmatched trading capabilities of RubyD
Proof for CMC
RubyDex Strikes Gold: Introducing GOLDUSDT Perpetual Contracts!
Experience Limitless Potential with 1000x Leverage on GOLDUSDT.
RubyDex AirDrop Task 2: Embark on a Crypto Treasure Hunt!
We're excited to unveil the next stage of our AirDrop campaign: Task 2. This isn't just another AirDrop; it's a thrilling treasure hunt designed to reward our most dedicated explorers.
First-Ever RubyDex NFT Perpetual Contract Featuring Bored Ape Yacht Club Collection
We are thrilled to bring you yet another groundbreaking announcement — the launch of our very first NFT perpetual contract (NFT perp), featuring the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection!
RubyDex Launches on Ethereum: Joining the Pioneer of Decentralized Platforms
We are thrilled to announce that RubyDex is now live on Ethereum! This is a significant step in our ongoing mission to provide our users with a seamless trading experience across the most influential networks.
Experience DeFi with the RubyDex Testnet Release
We are thrilled to announce the release of our RubyDex testnet! Now, you can explore our trading platform's functionalities across a range of different test networks - all in a secure, risk-free environment.
Enhancing the RubyDex Trading Experience with Improved Trading Page Information
We are delighted to announce some key enhancements to our trading page that have been designed to optimize your trading experience and provide more information to support your trading decisions.
RubyDex Launches on zkSync: Embracing Scalability and Efficiency
We are elated to announce that RubyDex is now live on zkSync! This marks another milestone in our continuous effort to expand and provide our users with a seamless trading experience across various networks.
Fortifying Security with Decentralization: The Safeguards of RubyDex's Platform
RubyDex employs a non-custodial approach, meaning it does not hold your assets - instead, they remain under your control.
RubyDex BNB Smart Chain Launch Celebrations!
To celebrate the launch of RubyDex on BSC, we will be hosting events with great prizes!
RubyDex Launches on BNB Smart Chain (BSC)
RubyDex is now live on Binance/BNB Smart Chain (BSC)!
GBP/USDT Perpetual Contracts Are Now Live!
Trade GBP/USDT with up to 1000x Leverage now!
The RubyDex OG Gem NFT is here!
Learn how to get your hands on your own OG Gem NFT and all the benefits you can receive!
RubyDex Community Missions - Season 1 Rewards Distribution
Discover the winners of RubyDex Missions Season 1 and learn how to claim your OG Role and Whitelist rewards!
RubyDex Community Missions (Season 1 - Mission 7) - The Final Mission
It's the final mission in Season 1, so don't miss the chance to secure your last OAT and participate in the grand finale raffle!
RubyDex Community Missions Season 1: Mission 6 - Discord 10k Sprint!
Don't miss out on Mission 6 of RubyDex Community Missions Season 1, as we sprint to reach 10,000 members on our Discord server!
Web3 Festival Hong Kong Campaign Results
If you participated in this event, check if you're one of the winners.
Join the RubyDex Token Launch Campaign: Unravel the Mystery
Get ready to unlock incredible surprises with the RubyDex Token Launch Campaign, where each Airdrop Task you complete brings you unique rewards!
Rubydex's Web3 Festival Hong Kong Extravaganza
Participate in our Web3 Festival Hong Kong campaign for a chance to secure an OG Gem NFT whitelist spot and share in USDT rewards!
RubyDex Community Missions Season 1: Mission 5 - Happy Easter Egg Hunt!
Join the egg-citing RubyDex Easter Egg Hunt in Mission 5 of Community Missions Season 1 and collect your 5th OAT for a chance to win a secret prize!
Forex Trading on RubyDex: EUR/USDT Perpetual Contracts Are Live!
Experience unmatched 1000x leverage with EUR/USDT perpetual contracts, now live on RubyDex.
Introducing ARB (ARB/USDT) Perpetual Contracts on RubyDex!
Trade ARB (ARB/USDT), the governance token for Arbitrum's Layer 2 blockchain, now available on RubyDex.
Join the MEME Fun: Mission 4 of RubyDex's Community Missions Season 1 is Here!
Get ready to flex your meme-making skills because mission 4 of RubyDex's Community Missions Season 1 is all about creating hilarious crypto memes! Join us now for a chance to win big and connect with the crypto community.
RubyDex Celebrates Successful CertiK Audit with Zero Critical Issues!
Experience unparalleled security on RubyDex - the decentralized exchange audited by CertiK with zero critical issues.
Introducing ChatGPT on Rubydex Discord Server: Engage, Explore, and Earn Rewards!
Discover ChatGPT, our AI Assistant on Rubydex Discord, and join fun quests for exclusive rewards!
RubyDex Community Missions Season 1
Complete 7 missions to Earn OATs which will help you qualify for a secret grand prize.
RubyDex's First Raffle Winners Selected
See if you were a lucky winner of one of the RubyDex prizes.
Join the RubyDex Referral Race and win rewards!
Learn how to earn many exclusive rewards by inviting friends to our discord server!
RubyDex $1000 Raffle + NFT Whitelist
Learn how to participate in this raffle to win your share of $1000 USDT!